• Episode 47 – 23rd February 2019 
The Director of Press and Communications at the Office of the President, Amie Bojang Sissoho is my guest for the entire programme, looking at a myriad of issues surrounding the presidency and politics in The Gambia.
  • Episode 46 – 16th February 2019 
Democracy in The Gambia today. With me to discuss the topic: Demba A. Jawo, former minister of information; Fatou Jagne, West Africa director of Article 19; and the Gambian journalist and broadcaster, Omar Wally.
  • Episode 45 – 9th February 2019 
The state of relations between the UK and The Gambia.

What impact would Brexit have on ties?

And, why did Britain decide to slap visa requirements on Gambian nationals visiting the UK from 1994?

Joining me to discuss these issues for the entire programme is the British High Commissioner to The Gambia, Sharon Wardle.
  • Episode 44 – 2nd February 2019
The Gambian media landscape - Why do certain outlets choose to self-censor?

Also, the issue of hiring qualified and competent journalists in the country.

Plus, who's a real journalist anyway?

And, the politics of the press.

To discuss this, I am joined by Harona Drammeh, CEO of Paradise TV and Radio, and proprietor of Mediamatic.